Help that reaches! None of what you give goes to administartion!


You can be part of changing ...

Every cent you give will be the corn.

The first to thank all of you who have been involved and helped those suffering from severe hunger. In 2016, we distributed about 119 tons of corn, 1190 x 100-kg bags of maize. Most of the maize awarded down in the Rift Valley valley.

You would see their great gratitude when receiving the corn you helped!

We continue with the collection also 2017. Situation in many villages is critical! Become also a part of helping and saturate those suffering from severe hunger!

A report by Edward Holmberg & Aras Jarjis.
In the Rift Valley will do a maize sack julklapp.Ett ‚Äč‚Äčlife for others.

Help that reaches!